Meet Julie Baseman, Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Therapist for Women

Julie’s Fitness & Nutrition Qualifications

  • Certified in Advanced Personal Training and Nutrition Consultation by the National Personal Training Institute
  • Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner by the Nutritional Therapy Association
  • Continuing Education: Mastering Applied Kinesiology #1-3: External and Internal Imbalances, Mastering Pelvis Imbalances & Upper Extremity Injuries by Dr. Bob Rakowski and Dr. Andrew Rostenberg by the Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • CPR/AED-certified
  • IDEA Health & Fitness Association member

Hello! I am Julie Baseman, a certified personal trainer and nutritional therapy practitioner. While located in the Menomonie, Wisconsin area, I am available to serve clients throughout the world via my online training programs.


My Personal Training Philosophy

  • Training should be fun. I want you to reach your health and well-being goals, and I want you to enjoy the process of reaching them. I will tailor workouts and/or nutrition programs to meet your individualized needs, all in a fun and enjoyable manner.
  • Training should not be equipment-reliant. I follow the functional training method, which mimics movements used in everyday life. This ensures you can reach your fitness goals through what you already have around you and within you by relying on a combination of flexibility, balance, coordination, toning and cardio.
  • Training should be comfortable. You should feel free to be yourself with your personal trainer. I will provide that safe space for you. This isn’t to say you won’t work, because you will. Hard. But I will be here to support you all throughout the process.
  • Training should be personal. Your relationship with your personal trainer should be close. You should trust your trainer to allow her to get to know who you are at your core; to help you figure out what energizes you and what holds you back.
  • Training should push you. I am not here to help you maintain the status quo. I am here to help you become the best you possibly can be. This includes covering everything from physical triggers to emotional setbacks.

Outside the Studio

While my gym may be located in my home, my gym is not my whole life. I married Jeremy Baseman in October 2018 and we love traveling when we can, but have also really enjoyed exploring our local area. We also enjoy hosting gatherings at our home and spending quality time with friends and family. You can often find me in my kitchen, creating meals to the great sounds of old-time country music while he’s working on a new house project.

Schedule a Free Consultation With Me to Learn More

If you are here, you are curious about learning how personal fitness training and/or focused nutrition therapy can benefit you. So pick up the phone and call me today at 715.279.2901 to discuss your concerns and interests. You may also reach me online. During your free consultation, we will each learn more about one another to determine if we are the best fit for each other.